Chamsa ~ The Juniper Tree Of Love


Chamsa ~ The Juniper Tree of Love

Its branches and roots, like a long life journey, takes many twists and turns.
 The passages of life become entwined together, in a bond that lasts through time and devotion.

The Juniper tree is a symbol of luck, love and attraction, beauty and protection.
Emotes an angelic presence, recognized as one of the most powerful of all fairy tales trees.


Museum quality materials are used to create this Giclee print signed and numbered.
A colorful art preview will be e-mailed within 24 hours of your order.

Giclee print on Artist Paper:

Large size (24″X28″): $250
Classic size (20″X24″): $200
Small size (14″X18″): $150

Giclee print on Artist Canvas:

Large size (24″X28″): $350
Classic size (20″X24″): $250

Personalize your ketubah vows (names, dates, location, verses & more): $60
Combination of 2 different texts: $80
Your composed vows: $100
Multi languages: $200
Available without personalization.

Special offer for canvas prints:
A fine hand painted brush touch adding sheer and luminosity to your ketubah: $100