Chemistry Of Love (I LuV YOU)


“The greatest science in the world in heaven and on earth
For the inspiration of this art work
scroll down to experience a romantic scientific tour about what’s happening in the brain when you are in love.

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Giclee print on Artist Paper:

Giclee print on Artist Paper:

Large final paper size 24″X28″: $250
Classic final paper size approx. 20″X24″: $200
Small final paper size approx. 14″X18″: $150

Giclee print on Artist Canvas:

Large final canvas size 24″X28″: $350
Classic final canvas size approx. 20″X24″: $250

Personalize your ketubah vows (names, dates, location, verses & more): $50
Combination of 2 different texts: $80
Your composed vows: $100
Multi languages: $200
Available without personalization.

Special offer for canvas prints:
A fine hand painted brush touch adding sheer and luminosity to your ketubah art work: $100

The inspiration
What’s happening in the brain when you are in love

View this clip to see The Chemistry Of Love Giclee on Artist Canvas.
Coated with a gloss satin elegance finish, add luminosity and vibrancy to the colors.