Infinite Love



I painted this artwork using one fluid brush stroke,
depicting the ever lasting love,
infinite opportunities,
and vast array of colors that are present in a long lasting unity.

Museum quality materials are used to create this Giclee print signed and numbered.

Giclee print on Artist Paper:

Large size (24″X28″): $250
Classic size (20″X24″): $200
Small size (14″X18″): $150

Giclee print on Artist Canvas:

Large size (24″X28″): $350
Classic size (20″X24″): $250

Special offer for canvas prints:
A fine hand painted brush touch adding sheer and luminosity to the art work: $100

Cool Fact!
Infinite Love art work was chosen to represent “Compassionate Fort Worth” ~ Texas.
Lead pastor Tim Woody, Rabbi Andrew Bloom and Reverend Charles Robinson.