Original art:
All the art works presented on this website were originally hand painted. Mixed media on artist paper,
canvas and vellum, parchments (calf, sheep).

Giclee prints.
Museum quality archival materials are used to create the Giclee prints.
Giclee print on Artist Canvas: 440 gsm gloss satin finish, OBA free (archival) bright white sheer elegance
Giclee print on Artist paper: 310 gsm lightly textured 100% cotton fiber, acid and lignin free.

Step-By-Step to ordering your ketubah

1. Select your ketubah art: Go to KETUBAH GALLERY

2. Choose your ketubah text from the online TEXT SELECTION. Please consult with your officiant on choosing the right text for you (Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, Non denominational etc.) since your officiant might ask for a certain text.

3. Once you’ve set your heart on the art and the text, please proceed with your ketubah personalization (names, dates, wedding location, media and the print size) you can submit your order using the ONLINE ORDER FORM or alternatively you can fax/Scan this PRINTABLE ORDER FORM (pdf)

4. A colorful ketubah art preview with your personalized text proof will be emailed to you within 24 hrs. of your order.

5. After your final approval and order confirmation, your ketubah will be delivered as soon as possible.
FedEx ground shipping will arrive within a week or less in the New York area.


A colorful ketubah art preview and the personalized text will be emailed to you within 24 hours of your order.
No extra rush fees for the art production.
Rush fees will apply only for FedEx delivery.

Extra verses and quotes can be incorporate if room allows. No extra cost.


Select any text from the Texts selection
See here: https://1800ketubah.com/texts

– Customized with names, dates, location, verses & more: $60
– Combination of two different texts from the Texts selection: $80
– Your composed text: $100
– Multi languages (3 languages or more): $200
– Hebrew translation $80

Add a sparkle make it shine:
– Gold leaf – metallic leaf with hand paint brush touches of colors: $200
– Gold leaf – 24 Karat gold with hand paint brush touches of colors: $250
– Swarovski luminescent crystals assembled by hand: $200

– All ketubahs are available without personalization.

FedEx ground USA : $15
FedEx 2nd day USA: $40-$55 (depend on zip code)
FedEx over night USA: $80-$90 (depend on zip code)
FedEx Ground to Canada: $55 — Please note: You will be responsible  for the Canadian duties/tax, clearance fees. 

US POSTAL International Express: $80-$90 — Please note: You will be responsible  for the duties/tax, clearance fees. 


Traditionally the Ketubah has been one of the three ways that a Jewish couple could become married. In modern times the Ketubot has become the main way that a Jewish Couple solidifies their bond together. The traditional text is in essence a Jewish legal document spelling out the rights and responsibilities of both the husband and wife. Furthermore the Ketubah also offers the bride protection in the event that their marriage is dissolved. A Ketubah is also considered one of the first examples of a prenuptial agreement. It is written in Aramaic (the main language of the Jews during the time of its codification in the year 500 C.E.). Some Orthodox Ketubot are also available with an English section – this is not a translation of the Aramaic, but describes the date, location, bride and groom’s names and includes a short commitment of love and respect.

The Conservative text is the same traditional Aramaic text which has been used over the centuries in all Jewish Marriage Ceremonies. In the last 50 years, the Conservative movement taking into consideration the plight of Agunot (chained women whose husband will not give them a get, or Jewish Divorce Bill and thus they can’t remarry in a traditional Jewish ceremony) has added an extra clause onto the end of the Ketubah. This clause which is called the Lieberman Clause, (after its founder, Prof. Saul Lieberman) includes an additional provision in which the groom promises to give his bride a bill of divorce should she ever want one thus negating the possibility that any woman could ever become a chained woman again. Almost all Conservative Ketubot include a modern English statements of mutual love and affection, this combines with the Traditional Aramaic text makes the ketubah even more accessible and meaningful to the couple.

Reform texts are written in Modern Hebrew and English, and are a blend of the major themes of the traditional ketubot (love and commitment) with the couples own hopes and dreams for themselves and their future family. There is a fairly large degree of variation in the wording that appears on different Reform Ketubot both in the Hebrew as well as in the English.

These texts which are written in Modern Hebrew and or English are entirely egalitarian, gender neutral, and are appropriate for interfaith marriages or commitment ceremony.

These texts come to celebrate a couple’s continuing love over the years.
They allow a couple to look back with love on the past, while celebrating at the same time their present thus reinforcing the bonds for the future.


I recommend using a waterproof, acid-free pen.
Please avoid using an ink pen (fountain) it may cause blotches.
Micron 005, 01, or Copic pigment ink, Sharpie ultra fine point
or similar quality pens at any art supply or office stores.
Please test your pen on the side before signing.

The ketubah you purchased from 1800ketubah.com is archival for lifetime, please handle it with extra care.
Please bring the ketubah to a reputable frame gallery prior to the wedding.
The framer will mount the ketubah on an acid free museum board to give it an extra protection (preferably covered with acetate or plexi glass).
This will allow you to display your ketubah on your wedding day.
To see display ideas see HAPPY COUPLES

After your celebration frame the art with a UV non-glare protective glass.
No ironing, gluing, or dry mount the art.
Avoid displaying in a direct sunlight, or very hot direct light (halogen) which will damage the vibrancy of colors over time.
Avoid displaying in a high humidity area.

Giclee is a French word which means “squirt”
The lifetime archival inks used are rapidly sprayed through the micro-jet nozzles of the printer onto the surface of a substrate.
The media used for a Giclee print is often much like the one used for the original artwork–usually Artist canvas or 100% cotton acid free high-quality Artist paper–thus creating a piece of artwork amazingly similar to the original.
The Giclee print is a growing medium.

Choose any art work from the extensive KETUBAH GALLERY selection and combine it with any blessings you wish, eg. home blessing, baby naming, physician prayers, woman of valor, dedications etc. See samples in GIFT IDEAS 

US and Canada shipping with a tracking number via FedEx.
International shipping with a tracking number via US Postal.

CONTACT with any questions 1800-538-8224