Chamsa ~ Lotus in Rose Quartz

CHAMSA ~ Lotus in Rose Quartz

Let the sun be enclosed by the entwined vines of the Lotus.
Let the sun illuminate its radiance to enrich your love to each other through its self-created bliss.
The Lotus blossom represents a heart opening.
In the Asian cultures, lotus is the embodiment of perfection.
This magnificent flower emerges from the dirty and unclean bottom of a pond,
but still remains untouched and unstained by the dirt and mud surrounding it in the pond.
This unique quality of the flower is believed to represent pure spirit, rebirth, beauty, fertility, transcendence, and resurrection.
Rose Quartz
is the color of energy, a symbol of determination, commitment, and caring.
Its soothing color calms feelings. The shades of reds and soft pale pink tones represents new love romance
and eternal love.

canvas with gold illuminations
with Swarovski Crystals
with Swarovski Crystals

with Swarovski Crystals