Butterfly ~ Baby Name

BUTTERFLY ~  Baby naming

“The blossoms have been seen in the land, the time of singing has arrived,
the voice of dove is being heard in our land” (Song of Songs).
The above picture, is a sample of an artwork that combines a few verses around your beloved’s name.
You are mostly welcome to compose your own lines, bring your verses,
or a nice poem. Get it personal!

Beautiful gift for a newborn.

A few verses you may use:

The promise of tomorrow
The precious moments of life
The richness of tradition
The excitement of youth

For boys:
“May God bless you as He blessed Ephraim and Menasseh”
For girls:
“May God bless you as He blessed Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel, and Leah”
For boys and girls:
“May the Lord bless you and keep you”
“May the Lord cause His spirit to shine up on you and be gracious unto you”
“May the Lord turn His spirit unto you and grant you peace”