Celestial Star ~ Shabbat Candles Blessings

As the sun goes down, a new day begins, a day of harmony,
a day of rest and tranquility, the holy Shabbat.
That unique moment in time, just before sundown on Friday evening,
is the most beautiful time to light Shabbat Candles.
We invite peace and blessing to our home and the universe.

A heavenly sapphire bright star,  
like a river flowing into the ocean,
flames fires our love grows higher.
Firefly gleam! Feels like a dream,
star shine illuminate the sky…
You are my universe, deep infinite love,
near or far, you are my Celestial Star.

Elements in the art:
Nature elements, star, water flow, light, butterflies, flowers, sky, rivers, roots, energy flow.
Peace, Love, Chai, L’Chaim in calligraphy among the blue (Hebrew)