12 Tribes



The twelve ancient tribes of Israel symbolizes the unity of individuals coming together as one.
From each individual tribe a new family was born.
The images in the ketubah are very tribal, and within
you can see African figures holding horns (shofar),
dancing and tribal geometric shapes from corner to corner.
The feel of earth, wind and the tribes spread through out the land of Israel
and is expressed within the compass at the bottom, and at each side of the ketubah:
In the bacground, old artifacts from early ages, such as the Menorah, an old cup,
and Chamsa, barley and wheat symbolizes luck and wealth .
The mosaic around the the symbols of the 12 tribes was inspired by an ancient synagogue in Beit Alfa, Israel
that was discovered in 1929 by archaeologists from the Hebrew University.
The synagogue, measuring 46 x 92 feet, included a courtyard, hall, two side aisles
and a women’s gallery.It faced south toward Jerusalem.
A small cavity in the floor served as a genizah;
above it was an Ark for the scrolls of the Law.
The whole floor of the building is inscribed with mosaics.