Blue Bird


A colorful kaleidoscope incorporates miniatures of Jewish
and universal symbols.
The verse that surround the upper part of the ketubah in Hebrew:
“I Shall raise Jerusalem before my joy”

On the sides center interlaced in the design:
Right side: “Besimna Tava uBemazla Ma’alya” Aramaic, Hebrew meaning: Besiman Tov Ubemazal Tov

Left side of the ketubah blends in the ornaments the verse:
“In times of Love, joy, light and happiness”

The “Blue Bird” ketubah was inspired by Oriental cultures, Turkish, Pakistanis and the Far east. All the different elements, designs, motifs surround the Pagoda shaped ketubah which bursts with water.

The water reflects the strong powerful Love: “Vast amounts of water cannot extinguish My Love and rivers cannot flood it” (Song of songs)