Chamsa Blue


The hand of Miriam, in reference to Miriam, the sister of Moses and Aaron,
as well as the (5) chamesh hand. It serves as an ancient talismanic way of averting
and getting protection from the evil eye,
or more generally of providing a “protecting hand” or “Hand of God.”
It appears, often in stylized form, as a hand with three fingers raised, and sometimes
with two thumbs arranged symmetrically.
The symbol is used in amulets, charms, jewelry, door entrances,
and other places to ward the evil eye.

Jewish, universal and Chinese mystic symbols
are incorporate within the chamsa.

Longevity, marriage happiness and joy.
The endless knot receives and forwards abundance,
symbol of infinity, eternity.
The Sun, the energy, our light.
The tree of life in bloom.
Pair of fish are symbol of marriage, conjugal felicity, fertility, tenacity.
Star of David, Magen David, which means the “shield of David” in Hebrew
Hearts for love.
The word CHAI = Living – Life – Chaim.
and the white dove of peace. Yonat Hashalom.

Museum quality materials are used to create this Giclee print signed and numbered.
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Giclee print on Artist Paper:

Large size (24″X28″): $200
Classic size (20″X24″): $150
Small size (14″X18″): $100

Giclee print on Artist Canvas:

Large size (24″X28″): $300
Classic size (20″X24″): $200

Personalize your ketubah vows (names, dates, location, verses & more): $50
Combination of 2 different texts: $80
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