A couple’s new unity symbolizes a new life.
The pair combines their souls in order to create a new existence,
fermenting at the source, DNA. They also become the centralization of
the text, representing the circle of life.
At the height of the piece are words describing the lover’s singular eternal empowerment:
Life, Chai; Koach=strength; Love for the Earth, Ahavat Olam; and ONE= Echad.
“Destiny” art work is inspired by NASA’s Destiny Laboratory, (International Space Station)
where astronauts conduct experiments and studies about life on our planet.
The circular text also depicts what NASA calls an ‘Optical Gem’
a window used on the station to view and study Earth.
Add any text you wish to create your ‘Optical Gem’

Space station science officer Don pettit looks down on Earth though the Destiny Lab window  (photo: NASA)

ISS Expedition 26 commander Scott Kelly floats freely in the space station’s Destiny Lab  (photo: NASA)