Diamond Hearts

Our Hearts, beautiful like diamonds in the sky.. 
Red and pink diamonds
 Red diamonds symbolize passion and powerful rituals and deeds.
Naturally occurring corals are also red in color and they symbolize eternal foundation.
Coral is found in the sea but its roots are in the earth. Red and Pink are considered to be rarest of rare.
Rio Tinto’s Argyle mine in Australia is known to produce majority of the world’s brown, champagne and cognac colored red diamonds.
The famous Golconda pink diamonds, on the other hand, are obtained from Brazil and India.

Blue diamond
The type IIb blue diamond contains Boron which produces its bluish gray color.
Hydrogen rich diamonds also depict a rich blue color.
Blue color diamonds symbolize Eternity, truth, devotion, peace, chastity and spirituality.
Blue stones in the ring assure safe journey. Blue diamonds are also popular and rare, second in rarity to pink diamonds.

Diamond Hearts shown here printed on canvas with silver and gold illuminations.