Maypole Tree




Round around the Maypole tree of life,
Laced in life’s colors, enchanted garland, and wildflowers…
The essence of the weave whispers a gentle song.
Around the maypole tree, we sing to all, blessed be.

The maypole is a symbol of the tree of life.
It symbols new life, flowers budding all blooming.
The maypole symbolism is obtained from the Celestial pole. (world axis)
The Maypole is a folk dance from western Europe, especially England, Scotland, Sweden, and Germany,
where dancers gather in a circle, each holding a colored ribbon, the ribbons are intertwined on to the pole, symbolizing of the loom.

Flowers and bright green leaves brightening the fresh scents of spring, the start of the spiritual cycle, life’s journey.


Museum quality materials are used to create this Giclee print signed and numbered.
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Giclee print on Artist Paper:

Large size 24″X28″: $250
Classic size 20″X24″: $200
Small size 14″X18″ (for a single language or small portion texts): $150

Giclee print on Artist Canvas:

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Classic size (20″X24″): $250

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