The brilliance of light and color, for which stained glass is renowned,
is artfully reproduced in this dynamic Ketubah. This Ketubah-triptych is replete with universal and Jewish symbols,
Dove & olives-peace. Chamsah-good luck. Seven species-represents the land of Milk & Honey-Israel. David’s city, David’s tower. The old city.
Music symbols & instruments. Light–Energy–Water: Sun, moon phases,
the Menorah, candles and flowing water, sea creatures …and more.
The Lions (at the base) In many cultures the lion is the emblem of earthly power, strength, dignity, courage, and royalty. Its golden brown fur made the lion a symbol of the sun. The lion is a symbol of the proud ruler in the bible: The tribes of Judah, Gad, and Dan are favorably described as lions because of their strength, courage, and fierceness in battle especially when taking the Promised Land from the Canaanites (Gen 49:9; Deu 33:20; 33:22).